Available in: Czech Republic

EBanka/eKonto is a local payment service designed to enable customers to make payments to your EUcasino account from your online back account.

Guia Paso-a-Paso

You will need to have a bank account with Raiffeisen Bank or eBanka to use this service

  1. Select eKonto service on the EUcasino Deposit Page
  2. Introduzca la cantidad que desea depositar en su cuenta EUcasino
  3. You will be redirected to a secure payments page
  4. Log in using your Raiffeisen online bank security details
  5. Enter the required payment details including the CVV number from your bank card. If an incomplete or incorrect CVV number is entered you will be requested to re-enter the information.
  6. Confirm payment.
  7. Your bank authorises the payment in real-time deducting the amount directly from the your account. If there are insufficient funds available in your account, the transaction will be refused
  8. EUcasino receives a real-time confirmation of the payment by your Bank
  9. Usted recibirá una confirmación de EUcasino de que su ingreso se ha realizado con éxito

La disponibilidad dependerá de su país